Aarts, Ronald

R8 2007

Application Engineer/Practitioner

For research and application in signal processing for acoustics and sound reproduction

Aazhang, Behnaam

R5 1999

For contributions to multi-user wideband digital cellular communications.

Abadir, Magdy

R5 2006

Research Engineer/Scientist

For contributions to the test and verification of microprocessors.

Abbadi, Amr El

R6 2014

Research Engineer/Scientist

For contributions to the design of fault-tolerant large-scale data management systems

Abe, David

R2 2015

Technical Leader

For leadership and contributions to the development of high power microwave and millimeter wave vacuum electronic devices

Abidi, Asad

R6 1996

For contributions to the design of high-frequency MOS analog integrated circuits.

Abouzahra, Mohamed D

R1 2011

Technical Leader

For leadership in passive planar microwave components and in planar microwave circuits

Abraham, Jacob

R5 1985

For contributions to the testing of large complex integrated circuits.

Abramovici, Miron

R1 1993

For contributions to fault simulation and automatic test generation algorithms for VLSI circuits.

Abramson, Norman

R6 1973

For contributions to engineering education, coding theory, pattern recognition, and computer networks.

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